Saturday, October 23, 2010

Is there a Modern Solitary Confinement?

Every day I meet new people, I find that after a few minutes, the discussion wades towards what you do for a living. Once I let on that I am a Modern Design lover, I get one of two reactions. Sometimes, it is the look, as I see it registering, and I almost hear them thinking "Oh, where does that leave me?", and the second is sheer joy, and their confession that they love what I do. In these moments, I take them in, evaluating every aspects, in as little time as possible, no to be considered rude.

Working with interiors is really only a small part of loving Modern. Every rock in my wooded property is an art form, unique unto itself, and beautiful in it's setting, sometimes a setting I created.

Modern Art, Modern Clothes, Modern Food, Modern anything you can think of, I am there. Living, breathing, taking it all in, and not wanting my life to be anything but.....

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