Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Why does Modern get a pass?

Every day I observe the world around me, and ferret through all the items I see and use. I cannot help it, but I find myself sifting through every day common use items, and appreciating only those items I deem modern, contemporary or just unusual. "Can I like a vintage dresser?" "Can I fall in love with a hierloom piece older than me ?" I wonder. Yes I can, but only sometimes. It is amazing how a new set of qualification criteria is needed if an item does not qualify as modern to me. The grain of the wood had better be spectacular, the furniture had better be built using superior tongue and groove technique, veneers are almost out of the question. Should these same standards not exist when it comes to Modern furniture, I ask? Of course, but I become more forgiving because I love Modern. I convince myself that the exacting standards I am accustomed to, can be compromised to make some items of Modern furniture "more affordable". You really do get what you pay for!

Maybe I should just accept it, I am just a Modern Maven....

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