Friday, September 25, 2009

Interior Design New York

Interior Design New YorkInterior Design New York | Interior Design is what we live and breathe. Every item we touch, live, or work with, creates a design opportunity. Why have a spoon, when you can have an art form? Why have a chair, when you can have a conversation piece? Interior design is in our veins, it‘s the life-blood of what we do. Interior Design is our core. Modern Interior Design is our vice of choice.

Every day, we live and work, mostly in enclosed areas, that should stimulate and intrigue the senses. Interior design, like the art form it is, has been described in many ways; interior design, interior decorating, interior space design, domicile gentrification, interior etc. Each term evokes the renewal of space, combining form and function, with the sole objective to delight the senses, create a sense of well-being, and appreciate different art forms that culminate into very good interior design.

Our work as interior designers draw upon many disciplines including environmental psychology, architecture, product design, and traditional decoration (aesthetics and cosmetics).

“In the modern world, human life experience is largely played out in interior spaces. We may love the out-of-doors for the sense of open air and sky, for the escape it offers from life inside enclosure, but the very joy of being outside reflects the reality that so much of life is spent inside.

Buildings and their interiors are planned to serve the purposes and styles of the times of their origins, but they exert their influence on the activities and lives that they house as long as they continue in use.

The study of interior design, its development and change through history is a useful way both to explore the past and to make sense of the spaces in which modern life is lived.

Professional interior designers are expected to study design history, to know the practices of the past in terms of "styles," and to know the names and the nature of the contributions of those individuals who generated the most interesting and influential approaches to design. “

John F. Pile - The History of Interior Design. Used with permission of Wiley Publishing

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